Baby Animals - Sensory Board Book


From a kitten's soft, soft fur to a baby alligator's scaly skin, there are five fun textures to explore in this book that you read and touch! Includes fun, rhyming text about each animal and touch and feel material on every spread. There are a total of five touch and feel elements that will make children want to come back to read this fun book over and over. Enjoy reading time where a child can explore cute baby animals: * Tickle a baby chimpanzee’s belly * Feel the green scales of an alligator * Pet the kitten’s furry tummy * Touch the puppy’s smooth ear * Pat the fuzzy yellow chick Written by Francie Darrell and illustrated by Anna Jones.  Book Details * Board book with sturdy pages * 10 pages with soft illustrations * 6.25' x 8.25" * Recommended for Ages:0 to 6