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Hey there! Welcome to the Bloom Box! 

Bloom Box is our new monthly clothing subscription service. Each box will include 3-5 items with a minimum retail value of $150, with a minimum of those being 3 apparel. For example, months that include denim, outerwear or a heavy-weight cardigan may be 3 apparel + an accessory, where as another month may be a capsule-type collection with 5 more basic, mix and match pieces.

For now, we will be offering one size Bloom Box with the same outfit (occasionally in different colors, where inventory allows) in sizes S-3XL, denim sizes 0-22. Bloom Boxes cannot be returned or exchanged, but you will be able to trade/sell on the VIP group wall (search daisylace boutique VIPs on Facebook). Every piece in the Bloom Box will be a subscriber exclusive & cannot be purchased a la carte in the boutique, making it easier for you to trade or sell missed-mark items to other VIPs. *Please note, daisylace boutique is not responsible for member to member trades and sales, so please use safe selling practices.

All subscriptions can be purchased as monthly, 3 month, 6 month and annual subscription options, as well a skip-the-month feature & easy subscription cancellation. You can even give a Bloom Box sub as a gift that will automatically end at the end of the pre-purchased duration of time. No subscription management necessary for the recipient.

Eventually, we wish to offer different sizes of Bloom Box subscriptions (a mini Bloom Box with 1-3 pieces and a deluxe Bloom Box with 5-7 pieces) that can be more easily tailored to your wardrobe needs and budget, as well as different style options (think Classic, Trendy & Edgy). We have done so much work to get to this point, but we are brand new and love all of your feedback! We are so thankful for all of you and your willingness to come along with us on this journey!