Does This Coffee Make Me Look Alive Glass Cup w/ bamboo lid


20 oz capacity Borosilicate glass Stainless Steel Straw Bamboo Lid This adorable glass holds 20 oz of your favorite beverage. Comes with a bamboo lid and a stainless steel curved straw. Some photos show this item with a glass straw, but after we had some break in samples, we updated it to a stainless steel straw for shipping durability and safety. We recommend using these with cool liquids only, and hand washing. The glass can withstand hot temperatures, but to reduce risk of scalding, we recommending sticking to cool temps. This glass is also dishwasher safe, but to increase longevity, we recommend a gentler hand washing. This product might win for the longest amount of time it has taken us from starting production to getting in the warehouse. 6 months after our files were sent, they are finally arriving! We most likely will not be bringing these back based on the manufacturing delays, so if you are interested, don't wait!