"Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession." Gabrielle Bernstein


Since birth, I have been drawn to anything that allows me to be creative. Baking, theater, singing sub-par & too loud renditions of Disney songs, crafting, you name it. But the one that inspired the most passion, without a shadow of a doubt, is fashion.

Born & raised in a small town in Central Pennsylvania, I dabbled in many things, but was a master of none. Through it all, I discovered a love of creating, and even more so, learning new skills and finding new outlets to express that creativity. Coupled with a sense of eternal optimism and a determination that just won't quit, I set on my path to find the passion that would one day become my purpose.

After graduating with a Bachelors degree in mathematics from a local university, I realized my passion was misplaced. I tested the waters as an auditor for the local government, and again found myself at a dead end. I wasn't passionate about equations or discrepancies, & discovered a desire to control my own salary, my own hours, and set on a new journey to again, find that purpose.

At last, I thought I'd found my calling as a realtor. Independent scheduling (so it seemed), motivation driven income & a laid back environment, all signs pointed to "purpose".. until my beautiful baby girl was born. Before her arrival, all the stars seemed to align. My husband would handle the finances with his current job he loved, that was without a doubt his passion, and I would be the primary caregiver to our new baby, Scarlett, while maintaining my flexible real estate career. After she joined us, however, I knew I wouldn't be able to wear both hats. Being a 24/7 mom and a 24/7 realtor that were two worlds that didn't jive & I again, found myself back at the drawing board.

Not long after, I was presented with an opportunity to start my own clothing business within an up & coming MLM company. I would be able to work from home while my daughter napped or slept at night, make my own schedule, control my families financial future & the cherry on top, I got to cultivate my passion for fashion and make women feel beautiful. A feeling I, myself, had lost postpartum. 

Little did I know, that start up MLM company would take me on exactly the path I was supposed to be following, after I had so long felt completely lost. I met beautiful, hilarious, caring women (& men) and was able to provide them with styling and lovely clothing options that left them feeling confident, strong & beautiful. I was exactly where I was meant to be.

Some time later, my vision for the future of my business and that of my parent MLM company no longer aligned. It was time I start something that was my own. Choose the pieces I want, to serve the customers I had come to know and love, to the best of my ability. Make them feel extraordinarily confident, strong & beautiful. Give myself and my family both time and financial freedoms. Allowing my passion to become my profession.

And here we are. My creative vision come to fruition, a little piece of my soul in every piece, every collection, every experience.

Welcome to daisylace. I hope every purchase leaves you feeling confident, strong & beautiful.