Safety is Fun - Sensory Board Book


Growing up can be full of activities and surprises, and it’s important to practice safety. The good news is that safety can be fun, too! Follow along with Little Peacock as we explore some great examples of being safe. Each spread in this toddler book contains a different touch-and-feel element and the cover is die cut to peek through to the first page. Little Peacock encourages kids to practice safety in everything they do, like riding a bike, going to the store, crossing the street, and more. Features different touch-and-feel elements on the cover and each spread. Colorful, original illustrations peacock and his animal friends. Interactive fun and tactile learning in this children's book will engage young readers. Short rhyming sentences make for a fun read. Illustrated by Rachael McLean. Book Details Shaped board book with touch and feel elements 12 Pages 7 inches x 7 inches Ages Baby to 6